Understanding MQTT Server Network Architecture

Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Server ArchitectureNot all MQTT Server infrastructures are the same. There are various options in building MQTT Server network architectures, and all begin with understanding the SCADA requirements for handling real-time monitoring and analyzing. The server network components, software, and edge devices selected play a significant role in handling SCADA properly and efficiently.

Choosing the right MQTT Server is critical in your overall network architecture. For the industrial automation and Internet of Things market, the server must be enabled for quick integration of data assets in SCADA and IIoT systems. The Chariot MQTT Server provides middleware infrastructure that can handle a diversity of build solutions, device connectivity, and transfer requirements. 

The Chariot MQTT Server is loaded on premise or virtually via cloud-based connectivity. The Chariot software is OASSyS MQTT 3.1.1 compliant and is delivered as a virtual appliance per OVF standards. The Chariot can be used with Ignition by Inductive Automation or any other MQTT enabled system, which increases the diversity of your SCADA solutions. 

Cirrus Link Solutions offers two additional MQTT Servers, MQTT Distributor and MQTT Distributor Plus. Each has its own capabilities and, based on your specific needs, can be combined to achieve maximum results. Host clients connect to all MQTT Servers simultaneously, so if one server goes offline, all edge clients on the network simply connect to the next available server. 

These servers enable MQTT clients to securely connect, publish, and subscribe data. They supply data to both operational and business applications and enterprise wide. The number of MQTT clients your network supports determines which MQTT Distributor Module to utilize. 

The MQTT Distributor Module is available as a stand-alone module, which does not require a purchased Ignition license. This allows for scalability, redundancy and location diversity. Adding modules into your network, such as enabling MQTT Distributor with the MQTT Engine Module to provide a self-contained MOM infrastructure from one Ignition gateway, allows the enterprise to deliver the requirements for IIoT solutions and wide-area SCADA applications.  

No matter what, Cirrus Link Solutions has a highly effective, high-performance plant-floor solution for your SCADA requirements. To learn more about MQTT Server Network Architecture, follow this link, or contact us at 844-924-7787 or sales@cirrus-link.com with any questions. 


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