Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications

Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications Cirrus Link SolutionsThere are various ways to build a MQTT infrastructure, with a central MQTT server or with multiple MQTT servers, for IIoT applications. Each infrastructure is designed to fit the SCADA requirements for transfer, storage and analysis of on and off-premise data in the most effective, efficient way possible. Cirrus Link Solutions has created three different MQTT servers to address a multitude of SCADA system’s requirements. 

The Chariot MQTT server, which is OASSyS MQTT 3.1.1. compliant, is the most versatile virtual appliance available. The Chariot MQTT Server is the hub and can be configured on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid. Devices throughout the SCADA system connect, publish, and subscribe to data on a hierarchical topic structure. The MQTT clients are either data producers or consumers and the MQTT server acts as a broker.   High availability and redundancy can be achieved by simply installing ‘n’ number of Chariot brokers then configuring all clients to be aware of all brokers.  If one broker goes down the clients simply step to the next available Chariot broker.

The MQTT Distributor Module is an MQTT server that runs on Inductive Automation’s Ignition Platform, also compliant with the 3.1.1 MQTT protocol OASyS standard, designed to securely connect, publish and subscribe data to the MQTT clients. This MQTT server supplies data to both operational and business applications throughout the enterprise and supports up to 50 MQTT Clients simultaneously. For requirements for IIoT solutions and wide-area SCADA applications, such as oil and gas pipeline controls solutions, you can enable the MQTT Distributor Module in conjunction with the MQTT Engine Module for a self-contained MOM infrastructure on one Ignition gateway. This combination delivers a highly effective data throughput for high-performance  SCADA solutions.

The MQTT Distributor Plus Module has all the same features and capabilities as the MQTT Distributor Module, with the additional of supporting up to 250 MQTT Clients. This is ideal for larger installations supplying data to both operational and business applications throughout the entire enterprise. 

Every MQTT Server created by Cirrus Link Solutions is designed for quick integration of data assets in SCADA and IIoT systems. They can be loaded on premise or on a cloud provider for installation on private or cloud-based applications and can be managed by Cirrus Link or directly by the client. Determining the size of your SCADA system and enterprise is key in server selection, contact Cirrus Link Solutions to discuss the MQTT server that fits your needs.