Cloud Computing

Cirrus Link Helps Enable Data Ingestion for AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS recently announced AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service that makes it easy to store, organize and monitor data from industrial equipment (OT data).  AWS IoT SiteWise takes OT data and puts it into a standard interface so any third-party application can access the data for immediate AI, predictive maintenance, and other analytics. One of…

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Cirrus Link Announces IoT Bridge for SiteWise

Automatically recreate data models in AWS IoT SiteWise to accelerate Industrial IoT time-to-value 3 November 2020 – Kansas City, KS – Cirrus Link today announced the availability of the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, which connects data from AWS IoT Core to AWS IoT SiteWise.  Cirrus Link developed the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, a software widget…

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