IoT for All Podcast: Cirrus Link Solution’s Arlen Nipper on Building MQTT and its Role in IIoT

Podcast by IoT for All:

“In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, we sit down with the co-creator of MQTT and President of Cirrus Link Solutions, Arlen Nipper, to talk about MQTT and its role in the industrial sector.

To kick off the episode, Arlen shared his own background and the road that led him to MQTT and Cirrus. Arlen has more than 42 years’ experience in the embedded computer/industrial communications market sector. He started as a SCADA/Automation engineer for Koch Industries and moved on to found Arcom Control Systems, where they saw a huge demand to convert legacy device protocols to industrial standards like Modbus. When AT&T introduced the first VSAT server that leveraged TCP/IP, his team saw an opportunity to better make use of the infrastructure and MQTT was born.”

Listen to the podcast here