Ten Years of Success at Cirrus Link


At Cirrus Link we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this month – 10 years of putting data to work faster and smarter. In that time, we’ve reached some impressive milestones we’d like to celebrate as we look forward to another era of helping companies digitally transform and adopt Industrial IoT.

 MQTT and Sparkplug

Not surprisingly since President and CTO Arlen Nipper co-invented MQTT in 1999, a great deal of our success has centered around furthering the work of this publish-subscribe network protocol that has now become the dominant messaging standard in IoT.

In 2012 the MQTT code was contributed to the Eclipse Paho Project and in 2014 it was standardized by OASIS and IEEE. In 2016 Cirrus Link authored the Sparkplug A Specification and in 2017 Sparkplug B, providing them to the Eclipse Foundation to improve the interoperability and scalability of IIoT solutions with a framework to integrate data.


Growth and Partnerships

 Cirrus Link now counts an impressive 25% of the Fortune 100 as customers – meaning they have Cirrus Link modules in their facilities helping them to manage data assets for real-time controls and industrial applications. The broad use our products is realized from our sales across many market segments to include manufacturing, oil & gas, with additional customers using our technology in data centers, fulfillment, utilities, transportation, healthcare and more.

A great deal of our success has been through successful partnerships, including our role as a third-party module partner of Inductive Automation. We provide Inductive Automation customers with software modules for transmitting data from the field via MQTT, launching an MQTT server in the cloud, and connecting data to industrial and business applications for one streamlined pipeline for all IIoT data.

At Cirrus Link our mission is to provide the technology to allow customers to enable on-time, real-time access to critical business information for smarter decision making. We look forward to continuing to expand and deliver on that promise for the next 10 years and beyond.