Register Free For Virtual ICC 2021 and Hear Arlen Nipper Speak Live!

Join the most innovative group of industrial professionals in the world at ICC 2021. It’s a totally virtual conference where we can all share ideas, inspiration, and technology to evolve industrial automation to be smarter, faster, and stronger than ever.

Arlen’s Session is 12:00pm PDT Live on September 22 titled – ” MQTT – Invented for the SCADA, Adopted by IT, Solving Digital Transformation Today”

Although MQTT was first invented for efficient SCADA communications and decoupling of data 20 years ago, it has been adopted by cloud service providers to become a dominant cloud IIoT messaging technology. Using a live SCADA infrastructure, we’ll share new Ignition module capabilities, new wireless technologies, and Ignition’s native Data Ops tooling to demonstrate how efficiently OT data is shared across the entire enterprise. Whether you are tasked with implementing digital transformation strategies, adopting big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or simply looking to incorporate wireless sensors into Ignition cost-effectively, this session will provide a path forward for your project. Register here