New Updates for Chariot V2 Sparkplug-Aware MQTT Server

Cirrus Link continues to update and add enhancements to the patent-pending Chariot V2 MQTT Server, the first to market Sparkplug-aware for complete MQTT network oversight. Chariot V2.1 has just been released, which includes several new features for improved usability, alerts, and logs.

Version 2.1 includes an MQTT status page that shows connected client details, and a Sparkplug status page that tracks connected host applications, edge nodes, and devices.  Enhanced alerting features include an alert status page showing all basic alerts such as client connections lost and Sparkplug group/edge ID collisions.

In addition, the product now enables live logs, log downloads, and system backup/restore. Performance under heavy loads has been improved and users will find a more seamless experience when using Chariot V2. 

The Chariot V2 MQTT Server runs as a Java application on-premise or in the cloud for high availability applications. It can be used as an MQTT server or broker in any SCADA system. The server runs on Java so it can be transported across any platform and includes an updated user interface and web-based administration. Security is handled with TLS, username/password authentication, and Access Control Lists (ACLs) user authentication.