Cirrus Link Solutions adds another Project to the Eclipse Foundation

IoT innovator joins to further enable the Eclipse IoT Working Group success

KANSAS CITY, August 08, 2018 — Cirrus Link Solutions, LLC announced today that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, the platform for open collaboration and innovation. Cirrus Link joins Bosch, CA Technologies, Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, and more than 275 other technology innovators as a Foundation member.

Cirrus Link personnel were involved in the origin of the Eclipse Paho project, the industry’s leading MQTT client implementation, and always have been a proponent of open source software.  The Eclipse IoT Working Group has become the standard for IoT software platforms designed to provide the marketplace successful industry standards and best practices. To further enable the IoT Working Group success and our belief in open source software, Cirrus Link has joined the Eclipse Foundation and released the Sparkplug specification and its support libraries under the Eclipse Tahu project. Sparkplug addresses the use of MQTT within the industrial IoT market, enabling it for real time control and to deliver OT data to the business enterprise for big data analytics.

Through its membership, Cirrus Link demonstrates its commitment to collaborative open innovation that solves complex technical problems and delivers broad economic benefits. Powered by participation, the Eclipse Foundation provides a global community of individuals and organizations with a commercially focused environment to drive rapid technology development and grow industry adoption.

“As one of the co-inventors of MQTT and having been involved with the establishment of the Eclipse Paho project, I am excited that Cirrus Link is joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Foundation Member,” said Arlen Nipper, President and CTO of Cirrus Link. “The Paho project has been a key factor in making MQTT the dominant messaging protocol for IoT solutions across most major industries. Cirrus Link hopes that our contribution of the MQTT Sparkplug specification and reference implementation code in the Tahu project can continue to accelerate this adoption in the Industrial IoT market sector”.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cirrus Link as a member,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation. “With the participation of industry leaders like Cirrus Link, we are proud to be the centre of gravity for open source in IoT. We look forward to leveraging their expertise as we continue to drive the benefits of open source and open innovation in Industrial IoT.”


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