Cirrus Link Announces IoT Bridge for SiteWise

Automatically recreate data models in AWS IoT SiteWise to accelerate Industrial IoT time-to-value

3 November 2020 – Kansas City, KS – Cirrus Link today announced the availability of the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, which connects data from AWS IoT Core to AWS IoT SiteWise.  Cirrus Link developed the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, a software widget that runs in AWS and converts OT data to IT data automatically with zero coding required. Customers can model a factory in Ignition, then automatically recreate the model in AWS SiteWise with the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, saving time and effort and accelerating time-to-value. Customers can access a free trial from the AWS Marketplace.

After data is collected from the factory, MQTT Sparkplug normalizes and sends the data to AWS IoT Core.  Then the IoT Bridge for SiteWise prepares the data for AWS IoT SiteWise by auto-creating a data model, auto-discovering data assets, and pushing tag data.  Without the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, data would not be activated or put into a standard interface so companies could gain valuable business insights.

“One of the biggest pain points for big data and enterprise applications in the past has been that all OT data was sent to the cloud to create a massive data lake with inconsistent data that still needed to be cleaned,” said Arlen Nipper, President and CTO of Cirrus Link and co-inventor of MQTT. “Now customers can drop a box into the factory, point to AWS, and all of the rest of the work is self-created.  Services can utilize clean data with minimal effort.”

IoT Bridge for SiteWise from Cirrus Link:

  • Consumes MQTT Sparkplug data (data model and tags)
  • Auto-creates data models to AWS SiteWise
  • Auto-discovers data assets
  • Pushes tag data to AWS SiteWise
  • Requires no programming or code

“We are  excited to offer the industrial marketplace a powerful solution to achieve their Digital Transformation goals with the Ignition platform and the Cirrus-Link IoT Bridge for SiteWise– a user-friendly, efficient tool to transfer data to AWS IoT SiteWise,” said Don Pearson, Chief Strategy Officer at Inductive Automation. “Now the combined solution converts OT data to IT data, with a standard interface for modeling data assets for big data and advanced insights for immediate business value.”

Previously MQTT Sparkplug has been a play on the factory floor, but this solution moves it to the cloud to connect data anywhere.  New devices or factories can be added automatically and added to a time series database and data model.  Customers can download and install the software and within 30 minutes they can automatically have data in SiteWise for any application. The IoT Bridge for SiteWise takes OT data and points it to IT quickly and easily with an open standard approach.

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Cirrus Link puts business data to work – faster and smarter. With over 30 years of SCADA and Telemetry experience and now moving into Industrial IoT and the Digital Transformation, Cirrus Link leadership understands the technology necessary to enable and effectively manage data assets for real-time controls and industrial applications. Cirrus Link solutions expose data to more applications and across the enterprise based on the efficient, open-standard MQTT protocol co-created by CTO Arlen Nipper. With Cirrus Link technology, customers enable on-time, real-time access to critical business information for smarter decision making.

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