Cirrus Link Announces Sparkplug 3.0 Compatibility

The Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Sparkplug 3.0 and we’re excited to announce that the Cirrus Link MQTT Modules for Inductive Automation Ignition Platform  have been validated as Sparkplug 3.0 Compatible.

Cirrus Link invented Sparkplug to solve an industry need for interoperability between industrial machines.  Cirrus Link then contributed the initial release of Sparkplug as an open-source software specification to the Eclipse foundation, to help clients seamlessly integrate data between sensors, devices or gateways and applications within an MQTT infrastructure. We’re still heavily involved in the Sparkplug Working Group and are excited about the growth in adoption of the specification.

What’s new in Sparkplug 3.0

 The new spec has been ratified and is now managed under the Eclipse Foundation specification process. We’re pleased to see this formalization of the specification and it has also been submitted to be approved as an ISO/IEC standard, which will help increase adoption worldwide.

The goals for Sparkplug 3.0 is to leverage the Eclipse Foundation’s open and vendor-neutral specification process to clarify ambiguities in the v2.2 version and add explicit normative statements while maintaining backward compatibility. While there aren’t new features in v. 3.0, the new spec is clearer, more detailed, and introduced the Sparkplug Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

Sparkplug Compatibility

 The Sparkplug TCK allows vendors to certify their products as Sparkplug Compatible, making it even easier for customers to implement MQTT Sparkplug infrastructure by finding software and devices that are Sparkplug Compatible.

At Cirrus Link we’ve tested our modules, v4.0.14 and newer and all products are Sparkplug Compatible including:

  • MQTT Distributor & Distributor Plus Modules
  • MQTT Engine Module
  • MQTT Transmission Module

All signs point to Sparkplug growing rapidly as the standard for interoperability in IIoT. For more information visit