New EFM Features Save Time and Money with CFX and Opcode Support

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) is the cash register for the Oil & Gas industry for measuring hydrocarbons to calculate production and revenue. Major industry flow computer devices gather the EFM data but represent it very differently within their proprietary protocols making the process of extracting this data and sharing its true value throughout the enterprise a challenge. 

Cirrus Link has developed a range of EFM module products for the Ignition platform to extract this EFM data for local ingestion or transfer using the efficient open standard MQTT protocol. 

New CFX Support

Flow computers provide production, alarm, configuration and event data for use in tracking well sites activity. Quorum software company acquired FLOWCAL which developed the industry standard CFX files that contains this data that calculates production information for transfer and payment between organizations.  Cirrus Link has added support to create the CFX files from the EFM drivers on Ignition. This eliminates the need for costly external polling software to acquire this data.

  • CFX support for both Emerson ROC and ABB TotaFLow drivers
  • CFX Files can be sent using MQTT file transfer to central location
  • CFX files can be stored to the local hard drive for central retrieval purposes

Connect to Operational Data and Create CFX Files 

New Emerson ROC Opcode Table Support

A new feature added for configuration support using the Emerson ROC OpCode Tables in your polling algorithms. This feature will eliminate extensive manual configuration time and simplifying adding Emerson ROCs to an Ignition system by creating the polling from the Emerson ROC OpCode table. This feature was highly requested and now is available.