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Inductive Automation, one of the fastest-growing SCADA and HMI companies and Cirrus Link Solutions have partnered to produce a superior SCADA/IIoT experience with the Ignition Edge MQTT Software solution. Cirrus Link Solution’s Edge MQTT software turns virtually any field device, such as a touch panel, Industrial PC or a client terminal, into lightweight, MQTT-enabled edge devices that work seamlessly with the Ignition IIoT Platform and consuming business enterprise applications such ERP, Big Data, AI and time-series databases.

The partnership between Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link Solutions gives a boost of innovative new technology. Using their vast knowledge of MQTT, Cirrus Link Solutions designed the Ignition Edge MQTT software in conjunction with Inductive Automation to be an ideal solution for transmitting MQTT data from the edge of the network. Their understanding of the demand for real-time data transmission, coupled with their experience with advancing technology, produced a reliable MQTT edge software solution for virtually any device hardware and any IIoT application. 
The architecture is built on trusted IT standards: TCP/IP, Java, MQTT, etc. The MQTT protocol was invented in 1999 by Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM) and Arlen Nipper (Arcom, now Cirrus Link Solutions). They created this protocol to address the need for decouple data to multiple consumers while minimizing bandwidth utilization to monitor oil & gas pipelines via satellite. Their initial endeavors have become the foundation for MQTT server solutions throughout various industries and have launched the standard for most of the edge devices used today. 
The initial edge device MQTT goals: simple implementation, quality of service data delivery, lightweight and bandwidth-efficient, data agnostic, and continuous session awareness, still hold true as vital requirements in today’s edge computing systems. Although the focus of the protocol has changed to “Internet of Things” (IoT), the core is still MQTT. 

The teaming of Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link Solutions produced an MQTT solution that is affordable, lightweight, and easy to install.

The MQTT Transmission Module, a core component of the Ignition Edge MQTT software, is multi-functional and targeted specifically for edge connectivity providing the proper context of data for easy application consumption and built-in store and forward capabilities. This solution is ideal for OEMs; embed features such as HMIs, alarming, OPC-UA, with unlimited tags and up to one week of data history.
Partnering with Cirrus Link Solutions for your MQTT server solutions takes your real-time data transmission needs to the next level. We are industry leaders in technology development, protocol compliance, technical support and edge computing training.

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