MQTT Servers

Chariot® V2 MQTT Server

The World's First Sparkplug Aware MQTT Server

Cirrus Link Solutions patented Chariot v2 MQTT Server software that is the first MQTT Server that is Sparkplug aware giving a complete MQTT network oversight. Chariot V2 is of course an OASyS MQTT 3.1.1 compliant server. MQTT is the standard messaging protocol for industrial applications needing to share IIoT data from operations (OT) to IT. Sparkplug defines a topic namespace, payload definition and state management needed for real time mission critical applications. Coupling MQTT with the Sparkplug gives complete Digital Transformation for interoperability and 100% data self-discovery. Chariot is the only MQTT Server that understands the Sparkplug structure and can add additional features to create a rich MQTT ecosystem with system insight and overview.

The Chariot MQTT Server runs as a Java application on any operating system that supports Java. This enables it to be run on premise or in the cloud for high availability applications. Features include:

  • Web Based Administration 
  • Runs on Java, can be transported across any platform
  • TLS Security
  • Username/Password Authentication
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) user authentication
  • Can be used as a MQTT server (or MQTT broker) in any SCADA system

Chariot v2 is a backwards compatible update to the original Chariot server and is also functional replacement for MQTT Distributor Module for larger scale deployments where the Inductive Automation Ignition Platform is being used. Chariot comes with a two-hour re-settable trail period so you can download and experiment for free. When you are ready to purchase a license contact The license gives you unlimited MQTT Clients and users.

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To try the free trial of the Chariot MQTT Server software and tutorial go here!


Exciting new features:

  • Detect and report collisions between duplicate Sparkplug Group and Edge Node ID collisions across multiple MQTT clients
  • Store Sparkplug metric properties within the MQTT Server and make it quarriable.
  • Internal tracking and reporting of Sparkplug specific data flowing through the MQTT Server.
  • Tracking and reporting of all online/offline Edge Nodes and 'primary host' applications (birth counts, death counts, STATE messages, and timing)
  • Tracking and reporting of Edge Nodes that are going offline often
  • Compression sampling to see if it is a good idea or not
  • Tracking of Edge Nodes that are not subscribing on primary host ID and possibly should be
  • Tracking of long keep alive timeout configurations and potential misconfigurations of MQTT LWT in the context of Sparkplug applications
  • ACL configuration based on Sparkplug topic tokens

All use of the software is controlled by the  Cirrus Link Solutions Software License Agreement - May 2020.

MQTT Distributor & Distributor Plus

The MQTT Distributor Module for Ignition is an MQTT server, compliant with the 3.1.1 MQTT protocol OASIS standard. It enables MQTT clients to securely connect, publish, and subscribe data, supplying data to both operational and business applications throughout the enterprise. The MQTT Distributor module comes in two versions, Distributor and Distributor Plus.  Standard Distributor supports up to 50 simultaneously MQTT Clients and Distributor Plus supports up to 250 for larger installations.


Enabling MQTT Distributor in conjunction with the MQTT Engine Module provides the components for a self-contained MOM infrastructure from one Ignition gateway. This combination delivers the requirements for IIoT solutions and wide-area SCADA applications such as oil and gas pipeline controls solutions. It is ideal for situations where there are restricted or high-cost communications such as in VSAT or cellular connectivity. This solution is also highly effective for increasing the data throughput for high-performance plant-floor solutions.

The MQTT Distributor Module does require an Ignition base license making it ideal for distributing one or more MQTT Distributor Modules for scalability, redundancy and diverse location applications to increase reliability.

For MQTT Distributor tutorials and support, please go here