Electronic Flow Measurement Modules for Ignition

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) is the cash register for the Oil & Gas industry for measuring hydrocarbons  to calculate production and revenue. Major industry flow computer devices gather the EFM data  but represent it very differently within their  proprietary protocols making the process of extracting this data and sharing its true value throughout the enterprise a challenge.  Cirrus Link has developed a range of EFM module products for the Ignition platform  to extract this EFM data using the efficient open standard MQTT protocol to solve this problem and provide the following benefits. 


  • Provides faster SCADA data with less bandwidth utilization
  • Supports Alarms, Events, Configs, Minute History, Periodic History and Daily History records
  • CFX file support to local hard drive or MQTT file publish
  • Connects EFM data to Flow-Cal transaction queues
  • Store and forward available at the Edge eliminating lost data on comms outage
  • Create tables for Event, Alarm and History data in Ignition supported databases
  • Guaranteed records with hash-based message authentication code
  • Data is time-stamped at source for more accurate leak detection & batch tracking

This module communicates with Emerson ROC and ROC Plus flow computers, formerly Fisher ROC. This includes, but not limited to, FloBoss 100 Series and ROC 800 series. By using the EFM Emerson ROC Module on the Ignition platform the Emerson ROC EFM data is polled and made available as tags within the OPC browser. Support for Opcode Tables simplifying configuration.


The EFM ABB Totalflow module is a protocol driver for the SCADA platform, Ignition, by Inductive Automation. This module communicates with ABB Totalflow computers including G2 Late, G3, G4 Early, G4 Late, and G5. By using the EFM ABB Module on the Ignition platform the ABB Totalflow EFM data is polled and made available as tags within the OPC browser.

MQTT Recorder 173 by 200 Icon

The MQTT Recorder Module receives record objects from the MQTT Engine Module that have arrived via MQTT/Sparkplug. Utilizing a database that is configured within Ignition, the MQTT Recorder Module automatically generates database tables and populates the rows within the tables with records as they are received. Records represent a collection of tags, fields, and key-value pairs. They are especially useful for receiving records from a flow computer for its events, alarms, and history data.

EFM Drawing from Fact Sheet2

Like all Ignition modules, the IIoT modules can be installed, removed, and upgraded without impacting operations or affecting the rest of the system.

The MQTT Modules by Cirrus Link Solutions are available for download at https://inductiveautomation.com/downloads/ignition 

For tutorials and support, please go here.