Edge Device Using Sparkplug Specification Crucial in MQTT Infrastructure



In the context of IIoT, edge device and edge computing refer to the infrastructure that exists close to the sources of data. More specifically, edge device includes various computing devices that reside away from the centralized computing available in the cloud. For example, SCADA systems, and time-series databases which aggregate data from a variety of equipment and sensors. In any application of edge computing, it is ideal that the edge device supports the MQTT protocol.

Communicates Data 

The role of edge computing has been to ingest, store, filter, and send data to the business enterprise and cloud systems. In recent years, the edge device is packing, consuming and acting on more data as increased information is accessible, and the business is driving these requirements.

In order to build an effective MQTT architecture, the device used must support the MQTT protocol and communicate using Sparkplug, an open standard specification from the Eclipse Foundation under the Tahu project. Edge devices can have Sparkplug specifications natively implemented. Another option is using the Ignition Edge software solution from Inductive Automation that will enable any device with Sparkplug.

Connects MQTT Servers 

The open-source software specification Sparkplug provides client applications, sensors, devices or gateways a method to seamlessly integrate data to applications within the MQTT Infrastructure.  Sparkplug provides the necessary details for any MQTT enabled device to connect to MQTT servers and enables the auto-discovery and self-learning of the data with contextual information for easy IT consumption.

Client Specific Monitoring 

Today’s edge device application goes beyond basic process monitoring. For example, industrial environments require constant monitoring and applications like predictive maintenance are extremely important. Machines must continue to function, otherwise, the entire factory line can stop. No production, even for a short period of time, results in millions of dollars in lost revenue. Properly installed and supported edge computing leverages a company’s ability to avoid unexpected, and costly, surprises.

Cirrus Link Solutions 

Cirrus Link Solutions partners with industry-leading and proven hardware vendors to enable a business to quickly and cost-efficiently deliver these IIOT solutions. Edge technology and availability is continually changing. Dedicated research and testing ensure the edge device providers we partner with fit our customer needs. Each MQTT infrastructure, including edge device configuration, meets the specific needs of our client’s facility and monitoring requirements.

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