Edge Device Configuring Made Simple with MQTT How to Videos

Edge-Device-Configuring-Made-Simple-with-MQTT-How-to-Videos-Cirrus-Link-SolutionsAn edge device is a device which provides an entry point into your enterprise’s core networks. Depending on SCADA requirements, the edge device chosen could be anything from routers and industrial PCs to cellular Gateways. Configuring each edge device to accomplish optimal data transfer and analytics requires expertise in MQTT concepts and end-to-end system architecture. 

In the Inductive Automation MQTT Video series, Arlen Nipper and Travis Cox present a step-by-step walk-through on edge device components that optimize real-time, mission-critical SCADA system solutions. They explain basic concepts of MQTT, MQTT specifications, messaging standards, and demonstrate full set up and configuration of an end to end system. This series focuses on using the Cirrus Link MQTT Modules on the Inductive Automation Ignition platform to accomplish a cohesive infrastructure. 

The first video goes into the history of MQTT. Arlen discusses the “need” that lead to the invention of MQTT and how it became the simple and lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol used in large and small enterprises. He explains how MQTT resolved the edge device problem that plagued the oil and gas industry. His MQTT solutions could control things like pumps and valves in the field and provide real-time status on each edge device connected to the network. 

The second video in the series provides details on how MQTT works. This is important to understand since all MQTT infrastructures must have an MQTT server, or MQTT broker, to establish the publisher/subscriber communication between each edge device. The MQTT server is responsible for delivering the data payload messages from MQTT publishers to MQTT subscribers. Each connected device or application in an MQTT infrastructure needs to implement an MQTT client. Understanding how it works is integral to a successful infrastructure configuration. 

The first two videos lay a foundation for the rest of the series, which go into detail on how each component works and supports the overall network. The video series covers MQTT Sparkplug Specifications, Ignition, MQTT Distributor Modules, Primary Host ID Settings, MQTT Software for IIoT, Transport Layer Security, IIoT Edge Gateway Software, and more. 

Cirrus Link Solutions encourages research and education in edge device configuration before establishing an infrastructure. We have an extensive Resource Library and share our expertise and knowledge whenever possible; The Arlen Nipper and Travis Cox video series is a wealth of information when it comes designing and configuring an MQTT server and multiple edge device network. 

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