Edge computing OT-Led Digital Transformation Utilizing Ignition & MQTT Server Solutions

Edge computing OT Led Digital Transformation Utilizing Ignition & MQTT Server Solutions Cirrus Link Solutions

In the world of Digital Transformation, edge computing architecture provides reliable connectivity in the movement of operational data. Companies that rely on conventional architectures and IT-centric methods fail to achieve success in data management, analytics and flow. Whether you call it IIoT, Digital Transformation, or Industry 4.0, edge computing offers the maximum in data performance, utilizing the minimum bandwidth.
Operational Technology (OT) systems are unique even amongst common industries. Each OT system is made up of varying devices, data points, locations and requirements. The inherent issue of a traditional OT system that relies on IT-centric digital transformation is that change requires on-top coding and does not account for the knowledge, skill, time and effort required to access each unique component.
Edge computing resolves much of the issues inherent with IT-Led Digital Transformation. The edge device serves to decouple the data not by applications, but by specific infrastructure. An edge computing OT-Led solution uses MQTT servers and software to simplify data tags, submit and publish data to any requesting source, and streamline data bandwidth needs.
Cirrus Link Solutions’ edge computing solutions remove the need for on-top coding. These solutions combine protocols, modules, edge devices, and the cloud to create a scalable architecture. Utilizing Ignition, a superior OT platform, with The Chariot MQTT Server, Cirrus Link Solutions and their partners take a team approach to developing an OT-Led architecture. Adding Sparkplug B allows your network to store, forward, and auto-discover at the edge device. The Ignition MQTT server OT-Led solution can handle both known current data requirements and grow to accommodate future needs as well.
Digital Transformation failure is not a concern when your edge computing solution is not limited by your IT-Led digital environment. Likewise, knowledge, skill, time and effort are less of a hurdle when the solution is decoupled from applications. Digital Transformation success occurs when the focus is on expandable edge computing systems that create an open, low bandwidth, and scalable web-based solution that allows unlimited connections and licenses.
Edge computing OT-Led Digital Transformation begins by decoupling, providing a “Single Source of Truth”, and creating a superior OT solution. Once that is done you can start on your Digital Transformation journey!

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