Edge Computing Innovation Presentation – 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum

Edge Computing Innovation Presentation - 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum Cirrus Link Solutions

Cirrus Link Solutions founder and co-inventor of edge computing MQTT, Arlen Nipper, presented at the 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida February 3-6, 2020. The theme for the forum was the transformation in edge computing technology due to ARC’s research. There are few more suited to explain the far-reaching benefits to end-users and suppliers from digitizing factories, cities, and infrastructures than a technology innovator like Arlen.
Advancements in Cloud, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, IIoT, Cybersecurity Best Practices, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, DevOps, and more are transforming the way data is obtained, transmitted, stored and analyzed. Technology continues to support and change, enabling new business processes and revolutionizing how data managers look at traditional functional boundaries. Real-time data analysis requirements continue to drive suppliers to evolve and respond with improved edge computing technology. The more connected and intelligent the device technology – the more profitable and responsive the infrastructure becomes.
This year’s annual forum focused on steps organizations can take be innovative and presenters provided valuable details on how technology suppliers and developers are stepping up to create future-ready solutions. Disruptive technologies, by definition, is an innovation that significantly alters the way consumers, industries, or businesses operate. We have seen dramatic changes in edge computing over the last five years and the future continues to revolutionize what we once thought were data limits. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open source solutions are transforming operations.
Cirrus Link Solutions’ presentation focused on creating a seamless, user-friendly edge computing MQTT based infrastructure. Arlen provided information on the MQTT servers, software, and IIoT Industrial Platform – Ignition. His presentation explained how Cirrus Link Solutions is continually developing technology and software to create future-thinking, fully connected, redundant and intelligent infrastructures to keep up with current and potential industrial SCADA requirements.
Sparkplug, Cirrus Link Solutions’ open source software specification allows clients to enable their applications, sensors, devices or gateways to seamlessly integrate data within MQTT Infrastructure. The Sparkplug specification provides the necessary details for any MQTT enabled device to connect to MQTT servers and integrate (with zero configuration) into Ignition via the Cirrus Link MQTT Engine Module.
Ignition is the powerful HMI, SCADA, and MES software platform from Inductive Automation providing cross-platform compatibility, unlimited free clients, robust out-of-the-box SQL database support, and fast installation. Ignition is the only IIoT platform with full-featured SCADA functionalities built right in. Leveraging the full power of the Ignition universal industrial automation platform with fully integrated HMI/SCADA functionality, allows the end-user to define a true IIoT solution unlike any other on the market today.
Embedded systems, edge computing devices, networks, software platforms, as well as end user needs all play a role in improving uptime, performance optimization and overall ROI. The most important component of an organization’s end goal is the ease of use. That is why Cirrus Link Solutions develops MQTT servers and edge software that are user-friendly and integrate seamlessly. 
If you missed the opportunity to attend the 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum or can’t wait until the next forum to hear Arlen explain edge computing and MQTT technologies, you can contact Cirrus Link Solutions directly. Feel free to visit our extensive resource library or call to learn more about how to improve your organization’s uptime, performance and start re-thinking your business models.

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