Edge Computing Cloud Injector Module Essentials


Edge computing is essential in many industries where data collection and analysis must occur quickly. Properly architected edge computing solutions result in improved operational efficiency, performance and safety. In today’s “always-on” industrial environments, minimized downtime is critical. Keeping data flowing often requires an edge computing environment that is scalable, flexible and not limited to a physical location.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems gather and analyze real-time data. With the introduction of cloud technologies, edge computing SCADA systems not only powers real-time collection of data, but they also serve as the gateway to data optimization. Companies are no longer limited to latent data in a traditional data center environment. They can respond to potential hazards or changing business needs nearly in real-time, thanks to edge computing platforms like Ignition and the Cirrus Link cloud injector modules designed to transfer data quickly and efficiently.

Cirrus Link Solutions is a strategic third-party module partner of Inductive Automation. Edge computing environments designed by Cirrus Link Solutions are backed by years of experience providing top-quality IIoT. Bridging the OT IT gap by connecting operational data through the injector modules facilitates the business enterprise for Ignition empowered users with a standardized pipeline for all their IIoT data.

There is not one edge computing design to fit generically all business needs. Each industry has unique requirements. When and where data is collected, data analytics and access all play a part in developing the most efficient transmission solution.  Cirrus Link Solutions offers four Cloud Injector Modules. With a simple configuration, end-users of Ignition can select the module that best fits their need and tag data flows into the Cloud where transmission and analytics are easy to access.

Edge Computing Injector Modules

Edge-Computing-SCADA-AWS-injectors-Cirrus-Link-Solutions-Amazon-Web-ServicesAWS Injector Module – easily connects any tag data from the Ignition into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.  Data is streamed into AWS Kinesis Streams or Firehose for real-time, streaming or batch analytics.

Edge-Computing-SCADA-Azure-Injector-Cirrus-Link-SolutionsAZURE Injector Module – easily connects any tag data from Ignition into the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure through the IoT Hub or IoT Event Hub.  Operational data is published in a standardized contextual format to the Azure using MQTT and made available to all the Analytic tools Azure has to offer.

Edge-computing-SCADA-google-cloud-platform-injector-Cirrus-Link-SolutionsGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP) Injector Module – enables end-users of Ignition to select any tag data from the Ignition platform to be sent into their infrastructure to utilize their services for analytics.  It provides the data transformation from OPC or proprietary protocol into proper tag names with meta values such as scaling and engineering units for quick and easy consumption into IT services. 

The-Co-Inventor-of-MQTT-Enabling-MQTT-Server-and-Edge-Device-Solutions-for-IIOT-Founded-Cirrus-Link-SolutionsIBM Cloud Injector Module – enables end-users of Ignition to select data from the Ignition platform to be sent into the IBM Cloud infrastructure to utilize their services for analytics.  The cloud injector is configured to point to any tag folder and push the data based on report-by-exception to the cloud with a corresponding time-stamp for efficiency.

Edge computing utilizing Ignition and the Cloud Injector Modules for data collection, transmission and analytics are essential in operational improvements. Companies wanting to minimize downtime while maximizing efficiency seek the powerful solutions offered by Cirrus Link Solutions

For more information about Cirrus Link Solutions or the flexible and scalable SCADA environmentsIIoT gateway softwareMQTT servers and other technologies, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly. For more information, contact Cirrus Link at 844-924-7787 or sales@cirrus-link.com


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