The Co-Inventor of MQTT Enabling MQTT Server and Edge Device Solutions for IIOT Founded Cirrus Link Solutions  


Cirrus Link Solutions’ founder and CTO, Arlen Nipper, is one of the two inventors of MQTT. He began working with embedded computers as a coop-student with Amoco pipeline in 1978. His professional career started as a SCADA engineer for the pipeline and transportation divisions of Koch Industries. His work in SCADA, responding to the need for connectivity over many field edge devices, led him to the development of the MQTT protocol used today in every MQTT server and edge device solution. 

In keeping with the character of our founder, Cirrus Link Solutions has carried on as innovators in MQTT server and edge device computing. Our holistic and continuously evolving approach to embedded computer platforms and M2M software, our partnerships with cutting edge technology partners, and our fundamental drive to minimize bandwidth while maintaining maximum data transfer is what sets us apart. 

As technology evolves to meet demands, so must the conceptual solutions. The mindset of how things (embedded devices) communicate is only limited by the technology available to the engineer. Cirrus Link Solutions is constantly challenging the limits of current technology and software. If it doesn’t exist, the approach becomes – how do we create it? This is seen through the Sparkplug specification that was created by Cirrus Link Solutions and open-sourced through the Eclipse Foundation.  It is listed under the TAHU project name and provides a standard methodology to utilize MQTT in SCADA and IIoT applications. 

Cirrus Link Solutions technical engineers research and add new MQTT Server, IIoT edge device and gateways and software. We partner with industry-leading and proven hardware and software vendors to provide solutions like  Ignition Edge MQTT software to address our customer’s needs. Innovative and affordable solutions in MQTT server and edge device computing is what we do best because that is the very foundation of our mission. 

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