Cirrus Link Helps Enable Data Ingestion for AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS recently announced AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service that makes it easy to store, organize and monitor data from industrial equipment (OT data).  AWS IoT SiteWise takes OT data and puts it into a standard interface so any third-party application can access the data for immediate AI, predictive maintenance, and other analytics.

One of the biggest pain points for big data and enterprise applications has been that OT data was sent to the cloud to create a massive data lake with inconsistent data that still needed to be cleaned. Cleaning refers to building references of tag data to meta properties and data models involving a tremendous amount of coding and effort to enable it to be utilized in applications. Now, customers can drop a box connecting to existing devices and applications on the factory floor, complete a few simple configuration steps, point to AWS IoT SiteWise, and all of the rest of the work is self-created.  Analytic services can utilize clean data with minimal effort.

Cirrus Link has greatly simplified the data ingestion side, helping AWS take data from the Industrial IoT platform Ignition, by Inductive Automation. Our engineers worked side-by-side with AWS and utilized MQTT Sparkplug to get data from the Ignition platform and point it to AWS IoT SiteWise for auto-discovery.  No coding is required, and the solution cuts the time needed for third-party applications to access siloed data on the shop floor from months to just days.

The solution utilizes IoT Bridge for SiteWise, a software widget that runs in AWS and converts OT data to IT data automatically with zero coding required. Customers can model a factory in Ignition, then automatically recreate the model in AWS SiteWise, accelerating time-to-value. Without the IoT Bridge for SiteWise, data would not be activated or put into a standard interface so companies could gain valuable business insights.

New devices or factories can be added rapidly to the time series database and data models.  Previously MQTT Sparkplug has been a play on the factory floor, but this solution moves it to the cloud to connect data anywhere.  Customers can download and install the software and within 30 minutes and start sending data in SiteWise for any application. The IoT Bridge for SiteWise takes OT data and points it to IT quickly and easily with an open standard approach.

 Ready to try the IoT Bridge for SiteWise? Access a free trial from the AWS Marketplace.