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Industrial IOT Cloud Connectivity with IIoT Edge Gateway Software

IIoT Edge Gateway Software from Cirrus Link Solutions is designed to bridge the gap between OT and IT by standardizing operational data using MQTT / Sparkplug technology and transmitting it into the cloud through our four Cloud Injector Modules. With the operational data from your Edge Devices in the cloud, you can harness the power…

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Whatever your company's IIoT goals are, there's an Edge device that will help to get you there.

IIoT Edge Gateway Software Seamlessly Enables Simple, Secure, Scalable Connectivity

IIoT Edge Gateway Software from Cirrus Link Solutions allows you to build affordable and scalable enterprise-wide systems using Ignition Edge and Onboard devices. Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link is software that turns virtually any embedded PC or field device, such as an industrial PC or even a Raspberry Pi, into a lightweight, MQTT-enabled, edge…

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Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Server Architecture

Understanding MQTT Server Network Architecture

Not all MQTT Server infrastructures are the same. There are various options in building MQTT Server network architectures, and all begin with understanding the SCADA requirements for handling real-time monitoring and analyzing. The server network components, software, and edge devices selected play a significant role in handling SCADA properly and efficiently. Choosing the right MQTT…

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Edge computing OT Led Digital Transformation Utilizing Ignition & MQTT Server Solutions Cirrus Link Solutions

Edge computing OT-Led Digital Transformation Utilizing Ignition & MQTT Server Solutions

In the world of Digital Transformation, edge computing architecture provides reliable connectivity in the movement of operational data. Companies that rely on conventional architectures and IT-centric methods fail to achieve success in data management, analytics and flow. Whether you call it IIoT, Digital Transformation, or Industry 4.0, edge computing offers the maximum in data performance,…

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Edge Device Configuring Made Simple with MQTT How to Videos

An edge device is a device which provides an entry point into your enterprise’s core networks. Depending on SCADA requirements, the edge device chosen could be anything from routers and industrial PCs to cellular Gateways. Configuring each edge device to accomplish optimal data transfer and analytics requires expertise in MQTT concepts and end-to-end system architecture. …

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Edge Computing Innovation Presentation - 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum Cirrus Link Solutions

Edge Computing Innovation Presentation – 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum

Cirrus Link Solutions founder and co-inventor of edge computing MQTT, Arlen Nipper, presented at the 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida February 3-6, 2020. The theme for the forum was the transformation in edge computing technology due to ARC’s research. There are few more suited to explain the far-reaching benefits to end-users and suppliers from…

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Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications Cirrus Link Solutions

Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications

There are various ways to build a MQTT infrastructure, with a central MQTT server or with multiple MQTT servers, for IIoT applications. Each infrastructure is designed to fit the SCADA requirements for transfer, storage and analysis of on and off-premise data in the most effective, efficient way possible. Cirrus Link Solutions has created three different MQTT…

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Edge Computing and Electronic Flow Measurement Modules for Ignition

  Edge computing for use in the oil & gas industry Internet of Things IIoT applications is on the rise. Five years ago, cloud computing was the focus of almost all predictions; however, automation suppliers are now implementing modules that increase the importance and productivity of edge computing devices. Cloud computing, which sends data to an…

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The Evolution of Edge Computing Supporting SCADA

Edge computing is the next step in the evolution of computing supply and demand. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real-time data. Many systems rely on “the Cloud” for data transfer but even the cloud has its limits. The heavy work is done at the Cloud’s edge.…

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Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Server Resources Make SCADA Solutions Possible

Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Server Resources Make SCADA Solutions Possible

  When choosing a technical partner for your MQTT server infrastructure and SCADA and IIoT needs, make sure that they offer additional resources. You need a partner that can provide you ample support before, during and after installation; one that provides resources readily available when you need them.   Cirrus Link Solutions is an innovative technical partner…

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Application Note: MQTT Recorder Module

The MQTT Recorder module receives a block of data from an MQTT Server and enters it as a record into a database table. For years data has been created in PLC’s, RTU’s and HMI’s that represent a record of information such as a ticket for a transaction. With the limitations of register-based communication protocols this…

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Edge Computing MQTT server SCADA Cirrus Link Solutions

Summary – MQTT Server Webinar Explaining Redundancy and Security

On November 6th, 2019, Cirrus Link Solutions’ President, Arlen Nipper (co-inventor of MQTT), conducted a webinar on MQTT Server Environments. The webinar, titled “How to Create a Secure, Redundant, Highly Available MQTT Environment”, is the 3rd in a series and addressed best practices in using MQTT, defined how to configure the Chariot MQTT Server, and…

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