CHARIOT Asset Tracking

CHARIOT Asset Tracker service enables businesses to manage their valuable mobile assets with minimal effort, risk or cost.  Easy to install pre-configured rugged asset tracking devices utilizing cellular connectivity enable the monitoring of assets such as trailers, compressors, forklifts or any other myriad of assets.  Chariot Asset Tracker benefits include:

  • Theft Prevention – Geofencing and alerts provide instant updates when assets are moved
  • Location Service – Always know where your assets are when you need them
  • Asset Utilization – See hours of operation for maintenance and to streamline operations
  • Custom Monitoring – Door open, temperature, level are just a few of the additional achievable monitoring capabilities

To get started with the Chariot Asset Tracker, Cirrus Link offers a range of rugged hardware solutions through our partners specifically targeted for asset tracking.  Once the correct hardware is identified, we ship the hardware pre-configured per your application requirements and enabled for cellular connectivity.   Mount the hardware per the instructions and start tracking immediately seeing the asset live on Chariot Asset Tracker Web Portal.  The service collects all tracking information over the life of the installation which is made available for integration into business applications.  The Chariot Asset Tracking services provides:  

  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Low Monthly Costs
  • Live Web Portal
  • Business Enterprise Data Integration
  • Solar Powered and Energy Harvesting devices for long life installations

Asset Tracking Hardware – Cirrus Link partners with industry leading and proven hardware vendors for the Chariot Asset Tracking Service.  We continually research and add new devices as they become available to the market to address our customer needs.  If there is existing hardware or our clients have identified another solution for their needs, we can provide services to integrate these into the Chariot Asset Tracker Service.  Please click here to see our hardware offerings.