Securing MQTT: Best Practices for a Robust IoT Ecosystem

MQTT is a widely used protocol for connecting IIoT industrial devices, enabling efficient and real-time data exchange. However, it often gets misunderstood for security vulnerabilities, leading to misconceptions about its safety. In this paper, we will discuss essential steps to ensure MQTT security, from edge devices to cloud servers, and how to address denial of…

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New EFM Features Save Time and Money with CFX and Opcode Support

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) is the cash register for the Oil & Gas industry for measuring hydrocarbons to calculate production and revenue. Major industry flow computer devices gather the EFM data but represent it very differently within their proprietary protocols making the process of extracting this data and sharing its true value throughout the enterprise…

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Solar Tech Company Achieves Efficient Data Transfer to Improve Operations at Solar Farms

A solar technology company aimed to gather a large amount of data from 200+ solar farms to improve operations. The data would be analyzed and used for energy management, to increase productivity, and to improve efficiency across the business. Facilities were remote and data loads were extreme, so the solution needed to handle data with…

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Ignition: The New Enterprise Connection Platform

The quest for greater productivity and reduced costs is driving market forces and investments into new projects trying to combat today’s challenges from the supply chain, labor, and inflation. Learn how Ignition has advanced from the “New SCADA Platform” to become the standard tool for OT-to-IT Enterprise Digital Transformation. The session will discuss and demonstrate…

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WaterBridge Resources Leverages MQTT for Complete Visibility into Operations

WaterBridge Resources, a midstream water management company, recently experienced rapid growth. They quickly realized their SCADA and control systems were not able to reliably handle the changes they needed to make to run their operations at maximum efficiency. They aimed to migrate to an updated IIoT platform for flexibility and visibility into operations. Project Goals…

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Pulp and Paper Manufacturer Puts Data to Work with Ignition and MQTT

A large pulp and paper company set out to digitally transform over 50 manufacturing plants across the United States. They wanted to modernize an outdated SCADA system to improve data mobility, data standardization, and data utilization for improved operations. Project Goals and Challenges The customer has been investing in digital technologies to fuel transformation initiatives…

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Secure End-to-End MQTT Tag Writes

Read how you can now use Ignition User Permissions to manage who has authority to send tag writes using MQTT Modules from Cirrus Link.     Datasheet – Secure Tag Writes

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What is IIoT ?

Travis Cox from Inductive Automation breaks down IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things). Learn what IIoT is, the problems it solves, what it means for enterprises, as well as how MQTT and Ignition make it easy.

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Data Ingestion into Azure Time Series Insights for Big Data Applications

Industrial data from the factory floor or any operational process (OT data) is now a significant driver of big data initiatives.  The benefits of sending OT data to big data and enterprise applications range from digital transformation to greater resource management to reducing costs and achieving quick ROI.  However, there are continued challenges in bridging…

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Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Server Architecture

Understanding MQTT Server Network Architecture

Not all MQTT Server infrastructures are the same. There are various options in building MQTT Server network architectures, and all begin with understanding the SCADA requirements for handling real-time monitoring and analyzing. The server network components, software, and edge devices selected play a significant role in handling SCADA properly and efficiently. Choosing the right MQTT…

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Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications Cirrus Link Solutions

Three MQTT Server Solutions to Fit Any IIoT and SCADA System Applications

There are various ways to build a MQTT infrastructure, with a central MQTT server or with multiple MQTT servers, for IIoT applications. Each infrastructure is designed to fit the SCADA requirements for transfer, storage and analysis of on and off-premise data in the most effective, efficient way possible. Cirrus Link Solutions has created three different MQTT…

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Edge Computing MQTT server SCADA Cirrus Link Solutions

Summary – MQTT Server Webinar Explaining Redundancy and Security

On November 6th, 2019, Cirrus Link Solutions’ President, Arlen Nipper (co-inventor of MQTT), conducted a webinar on MQTT Server Environments. The webinar, titled “How to Create a Secure, Redundant, Highly Available MQTT Environment”, is the 3rd in a series and addressed best practices in using MQTT, defined how to configure the Chariot MQTT Server, and…

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