Virtual Meetup with the Eclipse Foundation

March 14th, 2019 In this video, Cirrus Link’s engineers explain the history, concepts, and reasoning behind the need for and creation of the Sparkplug specification. They cover the technical details of Sparkplug and also how this ultimately lead to the creation of the Eclipse Tahu project. They give a demonstration of Cirrus Link Solutions Sparkplug…

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Webinar Recording: Implementing IIoT, MQTT Explained and how it Simplifies Digital Transformation

In this recording, President of Cirrus Link, Arlen Nipper (co-inventor of MQTT), and Director of Sales and Marketing, Kurt Hochanadel, demonstrate the power of MQTT. The presentation steps through the concepts of a solution using MQTT and Sparkplug, highlight where it is used, and how it enables Digital Transformation. Make sure to join us for part…

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MQTT Demo – Learn about MQTT & Ignition for IIoT

February 23, 2018 Check out Arlen Nipper’s MQTT demo video. It covers the basics on MQTT modules, MQTT architectures and benefits of MQTT solutions.  Watch how with MQTT, Ignition self discovers over 50,000 tags and their meta data in seconds. Check the MQTT Demo out here.

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