Azure Cloud

Cirrus Link Solutions provide software to bridge the gap for OT data to be ingested and utilized within Microsoft Azure services to enable digital transformation and big data solutions such as predictive maintenance and machine learning.  Solutions include the following:

The Cirrus Link Modules for Ignition:

Azure Injector

The Azure Injector Module easily connects contextual OT data from Ignition into the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure through several of the Azure IoT ingest paths.

The Cirrus Link Modules for Azure:

IIoT Bridge

Simplifies ingestion of industrial OT data using Ignition through MQTT connecting to the IoT Bridge for Azure service that updates Data Models in Azure Digital Twins and real-time data to Azure Data Explorer with minimal configuration and zero coding.

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For the tutorials, support and latest documentation, for Azure Injector please go here. For IoT Bridge for Azure please go here.