AWS Cloud

Cirrus Link Solutions provide software to bridge the gap for OT data to be ingested and utilized within AWS services to enable digital transformation and big data solutions such as predictive maintenance and machine learning.  Solutions include the following:

The Cirrus Link Modules for Ignition:

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The AWS Cloud Injector module easily connects any tag data from the Ignition into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.  With a simple configuration, tag data will flow into the AWS Kinesis Streams & Firehose or DynamoDB using an easy to read JSON representation to take full advantage of AWS and all the benefits it offers.

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Adds functionality to the Inductive Automation Ignition Platform to interface with AWS IoT SiteWise service to automatically discover assets and create tags providing an enhanced HTML5 mobile-ready visualization solution. 

The Cirrus Link Solutions for AWS:

IIoT Bridge

Delivers OT data from Industrial applications to AWS IoT SiteWise service with automatic discovery of assets and requires zero coding.

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