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Efficient & Secure Connectivity Platform

Cirrus Link provides a modular approach to building Enterprise-Class IIOT/SCADA/MES applications delivering a superior OT solution and enabling your enterprise to connect OT data to IT services for big data analytics.

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Chariot MQTT Server
Connect, Decouple and Create a Single Source of Truth for Industrial Data with the Chariot MQTT Server from Cirrus Link Solutions
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IOT Bridges connect OT Data to Cloud Services
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Digital Transformation

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Built-On Ignition

Cirrus Link’s solutions are powered using Ignition® by Inductive Automation. A powerful IIOT, MES and SCADA software platform providing cross-platform compatibility, unlimited free clients, unlimited tags, robust out-of-the-box SQL database support, and fast installation.

Cirrus Link modules are built on the Ignition® software stack, extending the standard functionality for solutions using MQTT to connect OT data.  The modules are used for distributed field devices using Ignition Edge, or on local factory networks running Ignition Gateway and provide real-time data connectivity.

The MQTT architecture decouples devices from applications and connects the data to MQTT infrastructure for a superior operational solution and enable cloud for AI applications.

What is IIoT?


Oil & Gas

Gather data from remote locations with up to 95% data bandwidth reduction, while avoiding lost data from communication outages.



Efficiently send data to corporate headquarters and the cloud for big data analytics and predictive maintenance.


Water Wastewater

Low cost and efficient remote site monitoring with best cellular data utilization.


Food & Beverage

Enable track and trace with guaranteed data delivery and single source of truth from edge of network.


Power Utility

Virtually instant data reporting from remote locations with store and forward avoid lost data.



Send vast amounts of data to corporate central locations and cloud for big data analytics.

Cirrus Link’s MQTT Modules for the Ignition platform provides an efficient and secure connectivity solution for OT data enabling superior operations and empowering big data for enterprise analytics.


Provides a MQTT Client on the Ignition Platform that subscribes to tag information in real time with zero configuration.

Provides an MQTT Server to the Ignition Platform that enables MQTT Clients to securely connect, publish, and subscribe to data.

Provides a MQTT Client on Ignition to publish tag data with store and forward capabilities into MQTT infrastructure for line of business applications and control.

Cloud Injector Modules for Ignition

Cirrus Link’s Cloud Injector Modules bridge the gap between OT & IT enabling tag data. This enables enterprises to take full advantage of the cloud services for big data and analytics to operate more efficiently and make better decisions.


  • Connect Ignition tag data to cloud services
  • Easy to consume IT data including tag properties such as scaling and engineering units
  • Bandwidth and cost-efficient data reporting
  • Store and forward of data during outages
  • Secure, quick to implement and configure

Cirrus Link Solutions offers the Chariot MQTT Server software that is an MQTT 3.1.1 compliant server to be run for private on premise or cloud applications. Features include:


  •  Web Based Administration 
  •  TLS Security
  •  Username/Password Authentication
  •  Access Control Lists (ACLs) user authentication

EFM (Electronic Flow Meter) Modules For Ignition

Cirrus Link’s EFM Modules provide connectivity solutions for Ignition and Ignition Edge platforms to connect to flow meters for the oil and gas operations for direct communications or taking advantages of MQTT infrastructures.  The modules provide connectivity for real time SCADA data as well as alarm, event and historical records.

EFM Modules:Provides a protocol driver for the Ignition OPC UA module that communicates with Emerson ROC, ROC Plus and ABB flow computers.

MQTT Recorder Module: Provides the ability to receives EFM record objects including periodic (history), event, alarm and configuration from the EFM protocol modules in MQTT infrastructures that automatically generates database tables.